Is Keith Bradshaw the richest accountant in Birmingham

Keith Bradshaw, 71 is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants. He qualified as an accountant from Birmingham in 1966 where he attended Handsworth Technical College. After spending some time in West Africa, Bradshaw, then 31, returned to set up several private companies including BP Nursing Homes also known as Takare. The company was sold to BUPA in 1998 for almost £300 million. Visit for lots of interesting facts.

Keith Bradshaw co-founded Listers car dealership 35 years ago, now England’s largest independent dealer group with operating profits of more than £15.3 million on a turnover in excess of £860 million.

Keith Bradshaw is a non-executive chairman of Nurton Developments, a company that has a policy of bringing neglected buildings to life. He also has an interest in Laney Headstock, a company that produces range of musical instruments and sound reinforcement products.

Featured on the Rich List of 2015 at No 20, Keith Bradshaw is one of the richest accountants in Birmingham.